Michelle Obama in India: More Popular Than the Prez?

michelle obama in indiaOn her visit to India, First Lady Michelle Obama has caused such a stir, she's practically overshadowing President Obama and the work he's doing there.

The President has spent the last three days in Mumbai and New Delhi signing six business and trade agreements and endorsing India as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council.

But those headlines are buried underneath stories detailing the First Lady's antics: dancing and singing with disadvantaged children.


While in Mumbai over the weekend, Michelle Obama played vocabulary-building hopscotch with 33 orphans and runaways before joining them in a Bollywood-style dance. Afterward she lectured them on the value of the education:

I didn't grow up with a lot of money. I never even imagined being the First Lady of the United States. But because I had an education, when the time came to do this, I was ready.

Hopefully, these kids will realize that even though they probably won't be the First Lady of the United States, they should definitely stay in school, too. (Obviously, the sentiment was there.)

India's media has gone to great lengths to lavishly praise Michelle Obama for her "spirit and spontaneity," her "inordinate warmth," and, of course, her clothes style. It's almost as if these journalists had low expectations of her in the first place and were surprised to discover she wasn't awful. Apparently, all it takes is some spontaneous dance moves to win over this crowd.

To be fair, some of the media is focusing on both Obamas -- calling them "a perfect team at work." So maybe the First Lady isn't more popular than the President. But she's definitely a better dancer.  

Check it out:


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