Teen Beaten to Death at Party: Is Host's Mom to Blame?

teen beaten to death at partyIn a horrifying story to come out of Georgia over the weekend, 18-year-old Bobby Tillman was beaten to death at a house party by four other teenagers. This morning those four teenagers, Horace Damon Coleman, 19, Emanuel Benjamin Boykins, 18, Quantez Devonta Mallory, 18, and Tracen Franklin, 19, are in jail without bail and are facing felony murder charges.

Early Sunday morning a house party in Atlanta got out of control, with over 80 estimated party-goers. Which sounds insane, since the mother of the girl who was having the party was apparently there since she was the person who called the police after Tillman's beating.

I'm not blaming the mother of the hostess for this boy's death -- that clearly belongs to the four thugs who beat an innocent, 5'6" 125-pound boy to death for simply walking in front of them -- but how is it you're allowing this many teenagers into your home and allowing this kind of environment?


I'm not a parent of a teenager (yet) but I can guarantee you I won't be throwing a house party at the wee hours of the morning where kids get beaten to death. I won't even be throwing a house party at the wee hours of the morning where anyone is playing "5 Minutes in the Closet." What's wrong with parents that they think this is okay?

There's no mention of alcohol being served to underage kids, but come on, would 80 teenagers show up anywhere early in the morning if it wasn't a rager? Something was being passed around whether with or without the mother's explicit permission. This wasn't a church social.

From all accounts Bobby Tillman was a nice kid, adored by his family, and not a trouble maker. His death was the result of an incredibly stupid teenage boy who simply announced he was going to hit the next guy who walked by.

In addition to the horrifying nature of this crime, and the kids who would do this to another human being, I have to wonder why adults were allowing this to go on. Whether under her roof, in her front yard, or near her house -- this mom should be ashamed of herself for creating this atmosphere.

Do you think this mother bears some responsibility for Bobby Tillman's death?

Image via alan_cleaver2000/Flickr

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