Queen Elizabeth Facebook Page Is All About the 'Likes'

Queen ElizabethQueen Elizabeth has joined Facebook, and one has to wonder why it took so long. The whole world knows the British royals love them some free stuff. Combine that with the royal love of adoring fans, and you've got a Windsor wet dream.

Especially when you consider she's keeping the friends list closed -- so no detractors need join up -- and her "about me" warns "Please note that any offensive comments will be deleted."

With no sign that Facebook will add a dislike button anytime soon (ahem, dislike), it's one place where her royal majesty can continue to receive all the thumbs up she needs to make her feel like a queen, er, to power through the royal shenanigans.

So what should we expect to like?


1. The British Monarchy can't wait for @Prince Wills and @Kate Middleton to just announce this engagement already. We can get the hall rental cheaper if I can call ahead. Turns out I know a guy who knows a guy.

2. The British Monarchy wonders what that Rent Is Too Damn High guy would have to say about this $1.5 million/year electric bill at Buckingham Palace. Maybe he can help me with my financial aid?

3. The British Monarchy wonders if the palace guard has a case of the Mondays too. Guy just won't smile.

4. The British Monarchy has Prince Albert in a can. Cracks me up every time.

5. The British Monarchy is glad Susan Boyle will be dropping in on @Prince Charles and @Cammy "Not as Much Trouble as That Diana" Parker-Bowles. Wonders if she'd bring her makeover artist.

6. The British Monarchy is debating who to knight this week. Those Chilean miners are feisty, but she wouldn't mind having Don Draper bend over in front of her.

7. The British Monarchy was relieved to make it through Halloween this year Nazi free. Would have preferred @Prince Harry didn't pilfer her gloves and go as Dame Edna, however.

8. The British Monarchy hopes the Middletons keep their nose out of the Balmoral attic this week. Heaven knows what @Prince Philip keeps hidden up there.

9. The British Monarchy can't believe it. @Prince Harry and I have the same taste in undies!

Will you be "liking" her majesty?

Image via Facebook

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