NYC Marathon: Entertaining Runners You Should Not Miss (Photos)

nyc marathon runnerTomorrow is the 40th Birthday of the New York City Marathon, and the city is gearing up for the big race. Runners are carb-loading, bookies are taking bets, and the paparazzi is planning where to stand along the marathon route to get the best shots of this year's celebrity marathon runners.

Sure, it's fun to try and get a peek at the top runners and celebrities, but sometimes the best part of watching a marathon is cheering on -- and being entertained by -- all the 'ordinary' people who have taken on this extraordinary feat.

Take a look at some of these runners (and one time traveler) from the 2009 marathon -- they'll make you smile.


nyc marathon runner

"Look Arnie, all I wanna know is, why is everyone always in such a hurry these days? Why can't these kids slow down. Slow down a little, ya know, enjoy the race."


nyc marathon runner juggling

"Meb Keflezighi might run fast -- but can he do this?"

nyc marathon runner costume

"I'm just going to keep my head down and not look up. That is not a giant rhinoceros in front of me. That is not a giant rhinoceros in front of me. Don't. Look. Up. Crap, is this what they mean by 'runner's high'?"

lionel richie nyc marathon

"Wow, people really march fast in this Greenwich Village Halloween parade ..."


nyc marathon runners costume

"Gebke, I thought you said everyone in New York was Dutch."


nyc marathon runner

"His shoulders are okay, but mine look so much toner in this stunning shoulder cut-out running top."


ny marathoner costume

"Damn you Zach Galifianakis, for taking my spot in the Muppet movie. It's not over yet ... stoner!"


new york marathon runner

OMG! OMG! It's the cell phone time traveler from the Charlie Chaplin movie Circus. Do you see him? Do you? He's behind the guy in the white cap. And he's NOT running, but ... yet ... he's keeping up with all the other runners. He's just walking along and he's not looking straight ahead like everyone else. Who ... Is ... He ... Talking ... To?!!


Good luck to all the folks running tomorrow -- we'll be cheering you on!


Images, top to bottom, via emilydickinsonridesabmx; via Saucy Salad/Flickr; casers jean/Flickr; Saucy Salad/Flickr; Howard N2GOT/Flickr; Saucy Salad/Flickr; Saucy Salad/Flickr; Jukka1/Flickr; Adam Lerner/Flickr

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