Election Day 2010 Results: Who's Winning Right Now?

Election Day is finally here (buh-bye negative campaigning!) and by now, you know where to vote and you know who's running -- and hopefully, you also know who you're voting for. Now, you want to know who's winning.

Fortunately, you can get up-to-date information on all the nationwide elections -- and find out important things like if pot will be legal in California, and if voters actually bought Christine O'Donnell's "I'm not a witch" act.

Check out these 6 comprehensive resources throughout Election Day to find out how your candidates are doing:

  1. The Washington Post: Look here to monitor elections in all 50 states, broken down by region. Also read up on why this year's race is the most expensive midterm election ever.

  2. Twitter: Check today's most popular tags, #Election, #ElectionDay, and #GoVote, for continuous election coverage. Experiencing problems at the polls in NYC? Mayor Michael Bloomberg is asking voters to use the #NYCvotes hash-tag instead of contacting city officials directly. Talk about the technology revolution!

  3. The New York Times: One of the best interactive map tools on the web. The site has complete details of when the polls close in each state, and even the local breakdown by county.

  4. CNN: It's the perfect landing pad for all of your Election Day questions. Check its polling center for updated results and standings, get the basics including who's running (and average salary info), or keep things local with the "My Election" tab.

  5. MSNBC: For more on what's happening around the nation, read MSNBC's political blogs, ratings for the elections, and its voter confidence index.

  6. The Huffington Post: Check its election dashboard throughout the day and get live election results. Want to play a game? See where you stack up and interact with other readers by participating in the "predict the news challenge."

Will you be following today's election?

Image via Amsterdam Asp/Flickr

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