Election Day 2010: Polling Locator Tells You Where to Vote

poll locatorIf you're not sure where to vote today, Facebook has an easy way for you to find your polling place. Go to the Facebook Polling Place Locator and click on the map. Then enter your home address and your voting location will pop up.


You can also click on a link that gives you other voting information you need: directions to the polling place, how to vote, the address and phone number of your local board of elections (should you run into any problems while voting), and a list of the candidates (complete with party affiliations) who will be on your ballot.

After you vote, be sure to click the Facebook "I voted!" button to change your status update and inspire all of your friends to get to the polls.

No matter who you're voting for, just get out and vote!

For more information on where to vote, read Voting Locations by Zip Code & Other Election Day Info.

Did you vote yet?


Image via Facebook

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