Voting Locations by Zip Code & Other Election Day Info

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CNN is reporting that only 23% of women described themselves as “extremely enthusiastic” about voting (compared to 38% of men), but I'm not buying those pathetically low numbers for a second.

The fact is there's entirely too much at stake this year to skip out on Election Day, especially with a lame excuse like not knowing where to vote or who to vote for. That's why we've put together this handy voting guide jam-packed with Election Day info to make sure we're all getting our butts to the polls tomorrow.

I want to see 100% of women say they are "extremely enthusiastic" to vote tomorrow. What do you say, ladies?


Here are some answers to the most common voter questions:

1. Where do I vote?

Google Maps has a special search function to help you find your voting location. Just enter the full home address where you're registered to vote (including city and state) and Google will spit out your voting location.


2. Who should I vote for?

The League of Women Voters has a handy Smart Voter site that gives you a rundown of the races that will likely be on your ballot (searchable by zip code). The information includes not only the list of candidates and their particular party affiliation, but also their stance on some of the most important issues.


3. Will I encounter any problems at the polls on Election Day?

Keep up-to-date with reports of any voting problems -- including long lines, voter intimidation, suspicious behavior, voting machine malfunctions, and registration errors -- at the Election Protection Blog. To report problems, you can also use Twitter or call the Election Protection hot-line at 866-OUR-VOTE.


4. How can I follow the results of my local races on Election Day?

CNN's Election Center allows you to select up to 15 races to follow on Election Day.


Are you voting tomorrow?


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