World Series Game 3: How to Talk About It Without Sounding Dumb

world series trophyWhoo hoo! Time for the Fall Classic! The Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants, battling it out for baseball's world championship!

Excited? Yeah, probably not. It's not that women can't or don't like sports, or baseball in particular. It's just that with World Series tickets going for hundreds of dollars, you're probably not enjoying the best part of a baseball game: sitting in the sunshine with a beer.

Like it or not, though, all the guys (and many of the women) you know will be talking about the World Series this weekend; Thursday's Game 2 in San Francisco put the Giants up 2-0, and the next game is today at 5:30 p.m. Want to be able to talk about it without sounding dumb?


The Two-Way, had some suggestions about phrases you can work into conversations to sound smart about the World Series, and we added in a few of our own. Know them, memorize them ... and hope no one asks you to elaborate too much:

  1. "The last seven teams with 2-0 leads in the World Series went on to win it all." (Throw in here that it gives the Giants an 81.4 percent chance of winning the World Series ... baseball fans love statistics).

  2. "This is big because it would be the Giant's first World Series win in four tries -- as San Francisco...they used to be the New York Giants."

  3. "There were only two times this season where the Giants combined for 20 runs in two consecutive games; they promptly lost the next one, both times." (This, you might want to share with a roomful of Rangers fans. If you're with San Francisco fans, keep it to yourself).

  4. "The Rangers used to be the Washington Senators -- the second Washington Senators team. The first team moved to Minnesota to become the Twins; the second became the Texas Rangers in 1971."

  5. Ask about that "Don't Stop Belivin' " video; a Giants-themed cover of it by Ashkon Daravan has become the team's anthem.

  6. "See those titanium rope necklaces players on both the Giants and Rangers teams are wearing? They're supposed to give the guys balance, flexibility, and endurance."

Need more, like a really basic breakdown of the game? Stiletto Sports has this somewhat outdated breakdown of the ins and outs of baseball.


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