8 Crazy 2010 Political Candidates (On Video!)

Jimmy McMillan

Jimmy McMillan

Even for those of us who aren't particularly interested in politics, at least there's been no shortage of juicy entertainment leading up to tomorrow's midterm elections.

First there was Christine O'Donnell, the Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware, who made campaign history with her ad, "I am not a witch."

Then there was Ohio congressional candidate Rich Iott, who admitted that he enjoys dressing up like a Nazi (everyone needs a hobby, after all).

And who can forget Sharron Angle's (Republican candidate for Senate in Nevada) statement about a local football team's jerseys being "un-Christian and wicked"? Why? Oh you know -- because the shirts were black.

The fun doesn't end there.

This year's campaign trail has been littered with all kinds of "crazy" candidates. Check out these video clips of eight of our very funny favorites.


1. Jimmy McMillan, Rent Is Too Damn High gubernatorial candidate in New York

When asked about gay marriage, McMillan says: "The Rent Is Too Damn High Party feels if you want to marry a shoe, I'll marry you." 

2. Chris Young, Democratic candidate for Mayor in Providence, Rhode Island

Not only does this man strangely resemble the late Chris Farley, but he can (attempt to) hold a tune. A politician singing about riches, Jesus, and God is much more entertaining than a normal interview, no? Props to this news anchor for handling this awkward situation SO well. 


3. Kristin Davis, Independent gubernational candidate in New York

No, we're not talking Charlotte from Sex and the City fame. Flashback to the 2008 Elliot Spitzer scandal when the New York Governor resigned after being involved with a prostitution ring. The woman who provided these prostitutes is none other than Ms. Davis. She's out of jail and on the campaign trail. 

4. Levi Johnston, candidate for Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska

When asked what his qualifications were for the position, Johnston answered "Qualifications for mayor, there really are none." Best of luck, Wasilla. 

5. Carl Paladino, Republican gubernatorial candidate in New York

Besides his penchant for sending emails featuring bestiality to his closest friends and family, Paladino has made headlines for threatening to "take out" NY Post editor Fred Dicker.

6. Christine O'Donnell, Republican candidate for Senate in Delaware

O'Donnell has been taking a stand for what she believes in for a while now. And while rumors of her dabbling with witchcraft in the past circle the political circuit, I can't help but pull up this gem from 1996, where she claims masturbation is adultery: 


7. Douglas Hughes, Republican gubernatorial candidate in California

Considering an item on Hughes' agenda is to establish "Pedophile Island" off the coast of Los Angeles, I'm thinking that he may have a few screws loose. According to Hughes:

This "Island" will represent a way of life that has long since been forgotten: one in which our forefathers came to this land with a wagon, some animals, seed, and tools, looking for water and land to build their lives around.

8. Alvin Greene, Democratic candidate for Senate in South Carolina

After shocking the Democratic establishment after winning the state's primary, Greene was indicted for two charges, including a felony charge for showing pornography to a South Carolina college student. What's politics without a little corruption, anyway?

All of these candidates prove one thing: That there's no need to be a well-versed political analyst to enjoy a little entertainment politics now and then. Well, that is -- if you call all of this politics.

Who's your favorite kooky political candidate?

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