Earth to Jon Stewart: You're a Comedian

obama daily showI love Jon Stewart as much as the next person. He's funny. He makes me laugh. He puts on a good show and if I can stay up to watch The Daily Show, I do. I did so tonight. Big mistake.

This week, Jon's airing his show from Washington, D.C., where he's gearing up for his big Rally to Restore Sanity on Saturday. His guest tonight? The prez himself: Barack Obama.

Obama was the first sitting President to appear on the show. The question is: Why?


Stewart grilled the President on why he wasn't getting anything done. Obama pointed to the 4 million kids who didn't have health insurance who now do, and the fact that credit card companies can't charge crazy fees, among other things. He explained that his administration's work is unfinished.

Blah blah blah.

The President talked. Stewart fake listened.

The show was boring. Tense. Not funny.

I don't watch The Daily Show for political discourse or punditry, I watch it for comedy and satire. I watch it for a laugh or two. The show airs on The Comedy Channel, for Pete's sake. So what's up with all the serious questions, Jon trying to stick it to the prez, and all that jazz? Seems to me, someone is getting a little too big for his 5'7" britches.

When did Jon start taking his fake news so seriously? He insists that this weekend's rally isn't political (he told NPR's Terry Gross that he has no obligation to the Democrats or liberals), and Daily Show executive producer Josh Lieb described the Rally to Restore Sanity as "a simple comedic call for calm." But according to some commentators, Stewart is walking a very fine line in coming too close to the very things he critiques.

And if his show tonight was any indication of what we can expect from the rally, he's already crossed that line. Jon's starting to believe that he actually is a serious newsman.

Next thing you know, he'll be demanding a Pulitzer.


Image via The Daily Show


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