Karl Rove Says Saddam Hussein Is You and Me!

karl roveKarl Rove and Howard Dean had a heated discussion this week about which media outlets most objectively cover politics. As to be expected, Rove was on the side of Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, while Dean defended NPR.

What was most unexpected, however, was that Rove called me Saddam Hussein simply because I've been known to listen to NPR. Do you ever enjoy such programming as "All Songs Considered," "This American Life," and, undoubtedly, the most dangerous of the lot, "Car Talk"?

Well, then, you're a terrorist, too!


Here's what went down:

Dean blasted Fox News for "making news instead of reporting it." He cited a 2003 poll showing that 45 percent of Fox News viewers harbored misconceptions about the Iraq war including believing there was a proven link between Iraq and September 11.

Rove interrupted with this comeback:

Forty-five percent of NPR listeners were Saddam Hussein.

No matter how many times I read this statement, it still doesn't make any sense to me.

I know that Rove thinks NPR tilts to the left, so is he saying that Saddam Hussein was liberal, too? Never did I think that the political beliefs of the Iraqi dictator -- who was found guilty of murder, torture, and other crimes against humanity -- were similar to my own and my fellow NPR listeners trying to learn how to fix their 1991 Civic. Did I miss something?

Or could it be that Karl Rove was simply up to his old tricks? He was so intent on denouncing the liberal-leaning NPR that he couldn't take the time to come up with a coherent sentence in response to Dean's attacks. Instead, he resorted to what's worked well for him in the past: dropping bombs like "Saddam" and "terrorism" to get people upset instead of furthering the conversation.

Except this time? It didn't work so well.

What do you think Karl Rove meant with his Saddam Hussein comment?


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