Sick of Political Ads? Me Too!

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout
Anyone else sick to death of getting called every night at dinner time for a long pause followed by a canned voice message from this candidate or that? {Click}

Or worse, a live voice insisting on pleading their candidate's or cause's case? {Click}

How about all the political ads that make it seem as if all American candidates are reprobate slime balls not worthy of mopping the dirtiest of fast food restrooms? {Click}

Yep, I am tuning out and changing the channel.

Don't get me wrong. I love politics and debate. 

I wouldn't have survived earning a political science degree at Berkeley as a Republican and ROTC cadet if I didn't, but lately people?

Sigh ... lately, ads like these are killing me:


It seems CNN's Anderson Cooper agrees. Full of misleading lies. Yes, my friends, my extremist days are long past me. All I can say is being a mother has softened me to find a middle ground.

To listen to both sides. 

I may not agree, but I can respect a different perspective. I seek moderation in all things these days and was honored to be listed as 30 Political Mom Bloggers Who Will Change Your Vote as a moderate.

Extremist, attack, and misleading ads like these make me fume:

I know that both sides are fired up about the state of the economy, financial bail-outs, socialized health care, and I admit, so am I. 

Believe me, so am I. Our health care insurance -- a very comparable package to what we had last year at my husband's company -- has increased 85%. Yes, we will be paying almost double what we paid last year and no one can convince me that President Obama's health plan to cover 26-year-old adult children on family health plans isn't the culprit. Insurance companies are already starting to pass on costs for that plan, as conservatives predicted. So yes, I am unhappy.  

But do we need the ugliness? Can we not discuss it like adults rather than, say, compare people to demon sheep and dog poop? Or worse, Frankenstein:

Don't you find this insulting?

Back to us normal, everyday Americans, I say yes, it's okay not to cling to one side or the other. It's okay to research and even compromise. It's what the founding fathers idealized when they set up our republic. Sadly, mid-term elections seem to bring out the worst in our system, especially when it comes to attack ads.

Anyone else have an answering machine full of ugly political messages so you miss those from friends and family? {Arrgggh} No worries! I have figured out the way to stop the madness. 

Vote absentee early. 

When some pollster calls me, I, with smug joy, say I've done my own research and I've already voted and then ... {Click}

An ad comes on the TV? {Click}

So do your research, ignore the ads, vote early my friends, then live life and ignore the madness. Just for giggles, though, what's the worst ad you've seen ?

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