Paul the Octopus Dead: His Last 7 Predictions

Paul the Octopus, who made a name for himself predicting the games in this summer's World Cup, has died at the age of nearly 3.

According to the statement:

Management and staff at the Oberhausen Sea Life Centre were devastated to discover that oracle octopus Paul, who achieved global renown during the recent World Cup, had passed away overnight, the aquarium in Germany said in a statement Tuesday.

Paul gained notoriety this summer with his uncanny ability to pick World Cup winners. His process was as follows: two clear boxes, each containing a picture of the flag of each of the competing countries, were lowered into his tank at the aquarium. The box Paul picked was always the winner. Simple and accurate that Paul was.

Poor, poor Paul. Why didn't he see this coming? He did make Seven Final Predictions before he died. They are:

  • Bristol Palin will win DWTS: Yes, it seems like she isn't all that talented right now, but she will come from behind and take the whole season. Mark Paul's tentacles!
  • The Glee kids will win at Finals this spring: There will be much strife and drama, but in the end, the glee kids will triumph, sayeth (saideth?) Paul.
  • Sarah Palin will be the first female President of the United States: Sad, but true. Just before he died Paul informed the world that Sarah Palin will win the election in 2016 and the "First Dude" will start a couture line for men. You can't fight City Paul on this one.
  • Brad Womack will not choose a wife: When he returns on The Bachelor for the second round, Brad Womack will again shock the world by not choosing a wife. He will then go into hiding, start a sea kayaking business in Homer, Alaska, and live in a purple tent. On this one Paul was unusually specific.
  • LeBron James and the Miami Heat will win a lot: On this one, Paul was totally phoning it in because duh. Come on now, Paul. Surprise me.
  • The Red Sox -- though not playing -- will somehow win the 2010 World Series: It's weird, but he's always right, so we have to assume they will somehow insert themselves into the final game and take it all home.
  • Only two people will watch the Super Bowl this year and it will be such a bust, it will never air again: Oh wait. We can't rub Paul's belly and wish on him like a genie? Then never mind.

Alas. Poor Paul. We will miss him and his oracle capabilities, but he made a name for himself, which is a lot more than the other millions of octopi.

Will you miss Paul?

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