Antoine Dodson Halloween Costume Sells Out: Here's How to DIY

antoine dodsonYou've watched him on YouTube more times than you'd like to admit.

His warning of the infamous bed intruder-people snatcher plays on a loop in your head.

Your ringtone is a remixed version of his legendary rant, "Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife."

If one or more of the above statements are true for you, then there's absolutely no escaping it: You, homeboy, need to be Antoine Dodson for Halloween.


The Alabama housing project resident -- who became an Internet sensation after he gave a now classic warning on live TV to an intruder who tried to attack his sister -- has capitalized on his fame with a Bed Intruder Halloween Costume, for $24.99.

bed intruder costume

The costume has sold out -- hooray for Antoine! -- but if you truly have your heart set on screaming, "You are so dumb" as you walk from house to house, it's easy enough to duplicate.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Black disco wig, $14.99 from

black wig


2. Black tank, $17 from American Apparel

black tank


3. Red bandanna, $1.99 from

red bandana


4. Rolled up piece of paper

antoine dodson

5. Some interesting Antoine Dodson facts at the ready:

After the news clip when viral, The Gregory Brothers made an auto-tune version of the rant, which sold 100,000 downloads on iTunes and reached No. 3 on the R&B chart, and is sharing the profits with the Dodson family.

Dodson, who recently performed the tune at the BET Hip Hop Awards, hopes that his fame, along with sales from the song and his costume, will help his family move out of the projects one day.

What better way to celebrate his fame than to wear his costume on Halloween!


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