Tea Party Commercials: Not So Grassroots

teaThe Tea Party may be a "grassroots" group, but even the down home need to get out there and convince the populace to vote. The race to the November elections has resulted in commercials that are churning up the airwaves.

Some will make you laugh. Some will make you cry. Some will make you pick up your guns and march into battle (really, just watch). If seeing is believing, here's what the Tea Party believes:


So President Barack Obama is simultaneously the Angel of Death and the Joker. Is that some horrible commentary on Heath Ledger's death? And what's with the flag burning?

The Tea Party's Marco Rubio doesn't need to show Florida his big ideas for being their Senator. He just wants you to vote against Rachel Maddow. Who isn't running.

Vote for Tea Party candidate Rick Scott for governor, Florida! His mommy wants you to. Doesn't get more grassroots than that.

Look at Joe Miller. Now look away. The Tea Party smells like Old Spice. But at least they make the nation laugh.

Christine O'Donnell is not a witch. She's you. And she wants to be your next Senator, Delaware.

Sarah Palin's proud of the "outside the beltway" folks in the Tea Party. Two years ago, she was traveling the country trying to get INSIDE the beltway, but she's not in there. And she's proud!

Is Rick Barber running for Alabama Congressman or recruiting for his new militia?

They're a grassroots "anyone can join" group. Except when they don't want someone to join.


Image via prakhar/Flickr

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