Helen Rittelmeyer & Todd Seavey: Their Twisted Conservative Sex Life on C-SPAN

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A Sadist In The Sack?
If C-SPAN is any indication, conservatives do have the most twisted sex of all the political gangs. What started as a televised book club meeting at Georgetown University turned into public humiliation and sexual revenge by libertarian and conservative Todd Seavey of his former gf, conservative (and libertarian'ish) Helen Rittelmeyer.

Yes, I just said they were supposed to be discussing a book. On C-SPAN 2.

Rittelmeyer has done a fine job on her own showing she has little patience for whiny liberals and pesky crimes like, say, date rape, but her ex really raked her over the coals on live television for other anti-social shortcomings. In addition to forcing her to admit she doesn't see the big deal in people who lack health care and have to endure physical suffering ("It builds character!" the social conservative asserts), Seavey outs Rittelmeyer as a morally bankrupt sadist.

But wait, there's more!


While I love to see a heartless conservative get hers on national (if limited audience) television, I do worry about Seavey's state of mind as it's not the first time the equally disturbed libertarian has publicly bitched about Rittelmeyer. After the C-SPAN outburst on Rittelmeyer's complete lack of compassion and fondness for fist fights, you can only guess Seavey's personal ad was a direct result of his mistreatment by Rittelmeyer.

So, who won this fight?

Here's what we learned about these two former lovers:

  • Rittelmeyer does not have human feelings.
  • Seavey is losing his libertarian cred ... by having feelings.
  • Rittelmeyer was exposed as a repressed (converted) Catholic who needs to act out sexually by humiliating anyone around her.
  • Seavey was exposed as someone who can't get past an ex-girlfriend's bad behavior.

Let's call it a draw.


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