Anna Chapman 'Maxim' Striptease: How Far Will She Go?

anna chapman maximRemember sexy Russian ex-spy Anna Chapman? Of course you do, especially since Chapman has been working very hard to make sure none of us ever forgets her. Now that she's out of the stealing secrets biz, she seems to have found a couple of new careers. One most people probably don't care to hear much about -- working as a technology advisor to the president of Russia's FundService Bank. How very respectable and boring.

The other career is directly related to that aforementioned job of keeping her persona in the American consciousness for as long as possible. Having lived here, Anna Chapman seems to have figured what makes us tick. She knows the one sure way to extend her notoriety is by slowly and tauntingly taking off all her clothes -- behold at right. This time, it's for Maxim.


A couple months ago, the 28-year-old Chapman appeared scantily clothed in tight dresses and skirts for the Russian men's magazine Zhara ("Heat"). It was as sexy as ever, cleavage a poppin', but at least she was wearing clothes, leaving a little to the imagination. Now she's vamping it up in her thong underwear and garters, looking all badass spyish packing a Walther PPK, which, if you're not up on your popular handgun knowledge, is James Bond's semi-automatic of choice.

You can watch the video version of Anna's salacious photo shoot at the Maxim Russia website, but you might have to wait a few weeks for everyone to calm down -- the site is so overloaded with visitors that it's crashing left and right. And I can see why. There's lot of heavy breathing going on, and a few close-ups of Anna's perfect butt. I think she even comes close to firing that semi ...

Ehem ... so maybe not a good idea to attempt this at work. Trust me, it's steamy, and if you don't believe me, just read some of the glowing reactions from viewers to the Maxim site below, like Andrey0268, who I'm guessing is a 42-year-old horny guy born in February:

Вот это да !!!! MAXIM приятно удивляет с каждым номером ! Ждём с нетерпением начала продажи !

Don't read Russian? That's okay. Notice the three (!!!) exclamation points. That guy is definitely not talking about Anna's gun. He's probably more concerned with his own. It's probably pretty similar to the comment left on an American site by r00t4rd3d:


According to the legal deal Chapman and her 9 co-spies made when federal prosecutors banished her to Russia in exchange for no charges, Chapman cannot share details of her story or profit from it in any way. It's unclear how much she's getting paid for these shoots -- if anything -- or if publicity is her prime motive. It all begs the question, how far will she go before she goes from intriguing to trashy? Is porn next?

Anna would have made a far bigger impact on us if she just faded into the sunset, leaving us all to wonder. Doesn't she realize that mystery, the unrequited longing, is the biggest turn-on of all?

Russia has its own Playboy magazine. I can't help but see Anna on the cover below. Only wearing some type of scantily altered bulletproof vest instead of those feathers ...

russian playboy

Will Anna Chapman continue to taunt us with her slow striptease?


Images via Maxim and Playboy


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