Kermit: It's Not Easy Being Homeless

Never has Kermit the Frog been so poignant.

Check out this performance that depicts the plight of the homeless.


Amazing, right?

So if this guy is so talented, why doesn't he have a job?

He does. His name is Sky Soleil, and he's a performer, who makes it clear in his video description that he's not homeless, but is doing it for those who are.

This is for the men, women and children on our streets who don't have bright green puppets on their hands. The people who aren't always as easy to see. This is for you.

It's so easy to walk by the endless signs and bodies asking for money, asking for help. Few grab our attention like this one because we've either become tired or desensitized or have our own problems to worry about and just don't have time.

Other times, there may be fear about stopping or deep-held beliefs that you're not helping someone by giving them a handout.

kermit the frogBut countless families and individuals -- especially in this economic climate -- are under such enormous pressure; many are looking at unrecognizable lives after unimaginable losses. And there they find themselves ... just like most anyone could.

He links to a site, that depicts the stories of individual after individual, family after family who don't have homes, who don't have foods, who are living out of cars and under bridges.

It's an amazingly powerful site, and if the Kermit performance doesn't make you think twice the next time you see a person asking for help, these stories absolutely will.

Do you help people on the street who ask for help?

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