'Burqa Rage' Attack in Paris Is State-Sanctioned Bigotry

burqa rage in franceWhile shopping in suburban Paris, a retired school teacher decided she couldn't stand to look at 26-year-old Shaika al-Suwaidi who was wearing a burqa. So what did Jeanne Ruby do? Ripped that burqa right off al-Suwaidi's face in the middle of a furniture store.

Ruby, 63, is being charged with aggravated violence, but when France decided to make wearing veils illegal, they opened the door for this kind of bigoted behavior. Ruby did use the excuse that "we do not wear the burqa in my country" even though the attack was in February, and the law didn't pass until the summer. Furthermore, Ruby is a retired teacher, not a police officer -- who wouldn't put his or her hands on al-Suwaidi regardless.

Incidentally, retired teacher Ruby, you're attacking the wrong person. Women didn't decide they wanted to wear a burqa, men decided they had to.

And this law was supposed to protect women from subjugation?


The burqa law is a ridiculous, sexist measure that targets women who are already working at a disadvantage within their culture, and the world at large. By not allowing them to wear what their religion, or their husband or father, requires, these women are forced to stay at home. If they do venture out, they can expect a rabid French woman to attack them while browsing dining room sets.

I'm not a fan of the burqa or any repressive orders that target women, but banning them and pushing women further into isolation, then attacking the people the law is supposed to protect, is twisted and sick.

Ruby is a thug, not a protector of women's rights. With the backing of France, she's merely putting the law into practice: Women are banned from wearing a veil in public, France wants it off. Ruby simply did the dirty work for the government.

Do you think women should be allowed to wear the burqa?


Image via Newtown graffiti/Flickr

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