Joe Miller & Old Spice Guy: Look at Them, Now Look Away

Isaiah MustafaIsaiah Mustafa has sold millions on Old Spice with his goofy commercials. So what's he doing in Alaska working for Tea Party candidate Joe Miller?

Selling the candidate, of course.

Only it isn't Mustafa -- just his viral idea that has turned everyone from Sesame Street to Danielle Fishel (ahem, Topanga?) onto the cut-away camera angle.

The good news: Miller opted to make this one about the ballot, not the shower. Figuring out he should keep his shirt on is one bonus point for the candidate. Now if only other politicians would follow his lead?

Number two? In the month when candidates are turning up the heat with mud-slinging, vomit-inducing campaign ads that make us want to turn the TV off until election day, Miller actually made us laugh.

Take a look:


Perhaps Miller was watching Good Morning America the day Mustafa stopped by and suggested President Obama could get back in the good graces of female voters if he ended the State of the Union with a Presidential Ab Point. Or he just realized that bashing Lisa Murkowski wasn't as fun as reminding the world that she's not actually ON the ballot, even if her write-in campaign is moving ahead.

Just look at the ballot.

Now look away.

Miller isn't running against Murkowski anymore.

With statistics pegging the number of negative campaign ads at about 89 percent of what's out there on the airwaves right now, Miller has finally distinguished himself as doing something different. But will making Alaska voters think about body wash instead of Murkowski help him against the Democrats?

He didn't show us his abs.


Image via Facebook

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