'Sarah Palin' Porn Star: Why Is She Pushing Condoms?

Sarah Palin may preach abstinence, but Lisa Ann, the porn star who played her in the series Nailin' Palin, is leading the fight to get more condoms in porn after one actor's HIV status has halted production for many companies.

Both Vivid Entertainment and Wicked Pictures have halted production and, though Wicked does use condoms, Steve Orenstein, the president of the company, said he stopped two shoots pending the HIV test results from a clinic that serves the industry.

PinkVisual Productions is shuttering for a couple weeks, as are Hustler Video, Digital Playground, Jennaration X Studios, Girlfriends Films, and Kick Ass Pictures.

The identity and gender of the HIV-positive actor have not been released by the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation, which operates the clinic where the case was discovered. The clinic was working to identify and test on-screen partners of the actor.

It is a big porn mess.


It's hard to believe that in an industry where the main players swap oodles of bodily fluid that condoms are still not used.

Of course, that isn't what the consumers want. They want the up close visual of the penetration with no distracting latex lines.


According to USA Today:

State workplace safety officials at Cal/OSHA are considering strengthening rules designed to prevent transmission of disease by requiring the use of condoms in the adult film industry.

It may not be sexy to be reminded of AIDS when watching pornography, but it's even less sexy to hear these actors who are just trying to make a living have to fear for their lives and health.

The reality is if OSHA pushes condoms, then the main studios will lose money because the black market and Internet porn will become more popular.

Nevertheless, it seems the time has come. In 2008, ABC News said:

In the last 10 years 17 adult entertainers have tested positive for HIV, including six that Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM) testing caught before they could pass on the disease to anyone else in the industry.

That was two years ago and nothing has changed. The fact is, whether it hurts the industry's bottom line or not, the time has come for mandatory condom usage. In this case, "Sarah Palin" is correct. If we can't get them to abstain, let's at least make sure they are safe.

Do you think condoms should be mandatory in porn?


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