Bill O'Reilly on 'The View': Wimpy Co-Hosts Storm Off Stage

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Some serious drama on The View today, as Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar stormed off the set as Bill O'Reilly insulted Muslims everywhere and attacked the Park51 community center near Ground Zero.

So that's what it takes to get a co-host off the stage? I'm sorry, but I believe more searing commentary, more radical statements, personal insults, and even threats of physical violence are warranted before storming off the set in the middle of a segment.

It's Bill O'Reilly, ladies, not Glenn Beck. He's basically harmless (dare I say impotent?) in this new world order of dangerous media personalities.

So what went down that made Barbara Walters call the ladies unprofessional on national television?


In one of the most garbled arguments I've ever seen on The View (which is saying a lot), Bill O'Reilly started it by calling the "mosque on 9/11" inappropriate. O'Reilly also claimed he knows the families of victims and they don't want it there, and in fact 70% of Americans don't want the mosque. Joy asked him to show the poll that backs that up, and I'd also be interested to see where in the world O'Reilly got those numbers. One guess -- FoxNews viewers.

Things get weirder as Whoopi tries to ask Bill-O if he believes Americans aren't smart enough to know the difference between Muslims and terrorists. However, she didn't actually say that so I'm cutting through her ramblings about Obama and Muslim families dying on 9/11 and getting to her point. You're welcome, Ms. Goldberg.

After Joy and Whoopi stormed off, Elisabeth Hasselbeck added in some more crazy with a bizarre, "Obama won't let us say the word 'terrorist' so it's all his fault!"

Cluster f***, ladies and gentlemen. Check it out for yourselves.

Sort of anti-climatic as they came back, right?

Do you think Whoopi and Joy should be punished for leaving the set during their work day?


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