Christine O'Donnell: A Sarah Palin Wannabe?

Tea Party Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell has had enough Sarah Palin moments in the past few weeks to make the comparison inevitable.

Then in last night's debate with Democratic opponent Chris Coons, the Tea Party candidate for senator in Delaware proved the comparison may be exactly right.

O'Donnell -- the "I'm not a witch"; anti-masturbation candidate -- flubbed and gaffed, but also appeared sure of herself and her positions even as she seemed uninformed and green. Both women are attractive and have little of substance to say, which serves to make them only more popular with the masses.

Maybe she is the new Palin, after all.

5 Signs She's the New Sarah Palin:

  1. Couldn't name a single recent Supreme Court decision: Sarah Palin revealed that she reads a lot of books and stuff during her infamous interview with Katie Couric, but the most illuminating moments in that interview came when Palin revealed she couldn't name a single newspaper she reads regularly.
  2. Was called "feisty": Calling a woman "feisty" may or may not be appropriate, depending on your view. It seems like a name few intelligent men would be called and seems a bit condescending. Nevertheless, both women have had to deal with it.
  3. Mocked on Saturday Night Live: Both women were heavily mocked on Saturday Night Live. The spoofs rocketed Palin to fame, but will they do the same for O'Donnell?
  4. Believes herself to be renegade: O'Donnell's primary victory scared the Republicans. Party strategist Karl Rove has even questioned her qualifications, something many in and out of the party also did to Sarah Palin.
  5. Loves religion: Both women are very religious, the kind of intense religion that informs all of their decisions and beliefs. Both women are very open about their devotion to the church and all of the teachings therein.

Do you think O'Donnell is the new Sarah Palin?


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