Gap New Logo Fail and Other Product Flops

The new Gap logo is a major miss and we can chalk it up to the power of the people.

Just one week after the new design was unveiled, the popular store announced via Facebook that the classic was the way to go.

We've heard loud and clear that you don't like the new logo, the company said. We've learned a lot from the feedback.

We all know April will be happy!

It truly does show the power of the Internet age to influence big corporate decision, but why were people so upset about the logo?


We all love our classics. Think of all the "new and updated" products that have failed over the years:

  • The New Dora: In 2009, the makers of Dora the Explorer rolled out a new doll that majorly flopped. The cutsie cartoon character was updated to look "tween," but many parents complained that she was "trampy" and awful and too adult. She stuck around, but many parents are not fans.
  • New Coke: In 1985, Coca-Cola unveiled a reformulation that the general public hated. It has gone down in history as one of the biggest marketing flops of all time.
  • Crystal Pepsi: In 1992, PepsiCo. unveiled Crystal Pepsi, which basically failed in the US market and was taken off the market by 1993.
  • Maxwell House Ready-to-Drink Coffee: Maxwell House ready-to-drink coffee seemed exciting, but it couldn't be microwaved in its original container, which basically meant that customers poured the coffee into their cups and microwaved it themselves, thus negating any "convenience" it might have offered.
  • The New Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry Shortcake, that popular scented doll of the 1980s, really took off, but in 2006, the innocent doll with the red yarn hair got a makeover that made her both trendy and slightly more fashionable. The public balked and she quickly failed.

What new products and logos have you disliked in recent years?


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