National Coming Out Day: Avoid These 16 People & One State

carl paladinoIt's National Coming Out Day in America and here's hoping every closeted gay, lesbian, trans, and bi-sexual person feels safe enough to be open with their family and friends today! So grab a gay friend and take them to your local town square and have them yell loud and proud: I am a gay American!

Of course you should make sure none of these people are around:


Carl Paladino -- Pretending he's not a homophobe, after telling a Jewish group that kids shouldn't be "brainwashed into thinking that homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option," means Carl may be confused. But if you are, come out to the Republican gubernatorial candidate at your own risk.

Dharun Ravi and Molly Wei -- The despicable Rutgers students who taped Tyler Clementi having sex and shared it on the Internet. Clearly, you never want to do anything these two consider "funny" in front of them. Ever.

Eight Unnamed A-Holes in the Bronx -- After brutally attacking three gay men, these "Goonies" gang members are under arraignment and police are searching for a ninth member.

Mississippi -- From the "separate but equal" prom to the censoring of a trans kid's yearbook photo, Mississippi has not shown itself to be particularly gay-friendly this year. Maybe move over to Louisiana??

Mel Gibson & His Dad -- From calling the Pope gay to Mel's crazy rants, this father/son pair is not who you want to lean on for support. Let's hope none of Mel's kids is planning on coming out today.

Christine O'Donnell -- Like her buddy Mel, Christine created her own little organization called SALT that was anti-gay. No word on SALT being anti-witch.

Fred Phelps -- The leader of Westboro Baptist Church, who is most famous for bringing us the lovely sentiment "God Hates Fags," actually managed to get his church classified as a hate group. Steer clear of the black hearted man of God if you're coming out today.

Larry Brown -- The State Representative from North Carolina circulated an email where he referred to homosexuals as "fruitloops" and "queers," yet defended himself because it was in private. Ahem.


Image via Paladino for the People

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