Deadspin: 'Sports News Without Access, Favor, or Discretion'

The title of this post comes from Deadspin's Facebook page, and it's certainly accurate -- especially that last part. Deadspin showed no discretion whatsoever when they posted Karen Owen's "F*ck List" PowerPoint presentation, or a video that supposedly includes shots of Brett Favre's penis.

I have to take a couple deep breaths here. Excuse me.

Let's start with former Duke University student Karen Owen's sex list. She obviously spent a good deal of time creating a PowerPoint presentation that was meant to be funny. Or perhaps a walk down memory lane. Whatever. It was immature and stupid, and we've all done immature and stupid stuff.

Unfortunately, Deadspin makes money doing immature and stupid stuff at other people's expense.


Deadspin initially posted Karen's list without the names blacked out. The hell? Karen was stupid to create it and email it, but Deadspin was downright insane to post it in its entirety. After being contacted by multiple people who were named on the list and Karen Owen herself, Deadspin reluctantly redacted the names, except for Karen's.

One word, Deadspin: Libel. Your columnists are coming down hard on Karen (and she does deserve it), but don't forget to save some of the blame for yourselves.

But obviously Deadspin isn't concerned about libel. They've moved on to ridiculing Brett Favre's penis.

More deep breaths.

Brett, if in fact it's your penis on video, then you were just as stupid as Karen. No, you were more stupid. You're freaking famous, dude. Oh, and married. Not exactly smart to proposition someone via video.

Back to you, Deadspin. Was that really necessary? Posting a video that purportedly shows a football star's genitals? Maybe he was the one in the video, maybe he wasn't. But it's foolhardy to go up against a guy like that without hard evidence. Karen Owen may not be able to sue your ass off, but Brett Favre sure can.

I know people dig gossip like this. Deadspin wouldn't post it if people weren't going to read it. But really, it's laughable for them to throw stones at Owen and Favre when they can't even keep their own house clean.


Image via Deadspin

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