Campbell's Soup Is Good ... Terrorism?

Campbell's soup MuslimAmerica, here's your notice: Campbell's Soup is out to ruin the world one Muslim sympathy at a time. It's already taken over the Canadian prepared food aisles.

Run for your spoons!

And let's send a big ol' thank-you note to the folks who created the Boycott Campbell Soup group on Facebook. They've explained to us why Campbell's going "halal" with 13 different soup combinations is really code for Mmm, Mmm, Muslims taking over the world.


Like a kosher certification to meet Jewish dietary requirements, a Halal mark doesn't change what's inside the can -- it means only that the ingredients used to make the soup have been reviewed by the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), the largest non-profit, religious, educational, and non-political Islamic organization in North America. If the ISNA says it meets the requirement, the can gets a halal mark saying it meets the dietary requirements of the Islamic consumer.

Sounds like an easy way for Muslim shoppers to grab something off the shelves and for the rest of us to simply keep eating the same old soup?

Au contraire mon American brother.

The Facebook group told me so.

The same group that features pictures of former President Bush kissing a guy wearing Middle Eastern garb and some horrific dead baby photos (really, don't look, you'll never eat anything again -- Muslim soup is the least of your problems).

Says the group, Campbell's "is doing so under the auspices of the Islamic Society of North America, a Wahhabi-funded racket that is said to have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood ..."

halalThe Brotherhood, in case you aren't up on your Islamic extremists, is said to have even larger numbers than Al Qaeda and recently endorsed anti-American jihad. So I can't make my grandmother's tomato soup and macaroni cheese again? Back down to two casseroles I can pull off.

And you had best put down that ready to eat minestrone with its yummy garden veggies. It's just 70 calories, and it's pure Muslim evil what with its "rich with veggies" reputation! And it's soon to be available in all "major grocery stores."

It's world domination, I tell you! Imagine, foods Muslims can eat. All over North America.

What's next? Food that is made to appeal to Jews? Or vegetarians? Or, or, or Thai people?

Oh, wait ...


Image via Campbell's Canada


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