UFO Spotted Over China . . . This Time, It's Aliens

ufo chinaUFO sightings have been coming on like gangbusters in China, and the latest one shut down an airport in Inner Mongolia. Because you don't want to take a passenger plane up in the air with Martians . . . or the military . . . or whatever the heck that thing is. Nothing good can come of that.

There have been eight UFO sightings in China since June. Eight! While the government did cop to some of them being military operations, one sighting is being covered up completely. Umm, why? And in this incident, like another one in July, an airport had an emergency shut down -- which is really confusing. Because wouldn't a military operation let the locals know about testing in the air so, you know, civilians in airplanes don't die?

Here's why it must be aliens:

  • Videos of the UFO sightings have been shared all over the world. No way would the Chinese military let that happen without some serious PR, such as --
  • If it were some new super military power thingamajiggy, China would be showing it off, making announcements and probably include a dazzling fireworks display above the heads of singing children. Who didn't love the Beijing Olympic ceremonies?
  • Because it's so much more fun to make up stories about visitors from outer space than to think that an emerging superpower has some super secretive giant machine that looks incredibly scary.

What do you think? Is this UFO from outer space, or a military base?


Image via Ma Xiansheng

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