Teen Shot Over Baggy Pants

Heather Murphy-Raines/Scout's Honor
Baggy pants? As a fashion statement, they are everywhere ... still.

Love them or hate them, they've been lingering for too long for some folks. Too long especially for one Memphis resident, Kenneth Bonds, 45, who had just about enough of seeing young'uns' underwear in public and the whippersnappers' disrespect that usually accompanies those baggy pants.

His solution?

If you can't live with them, then heck, get out your gun and shoot 'em in the buttocks. Yes, you read that right

Shoot them with a deadly weapon in the butt.


Kenneth Bonds/Shelby County Sheriff's Office
Yes, it does lend new meaning to pants on the ground. It seems Bonds had an argument with a 17-year-old boy and his friend, who were on their way to buy some candy. 

Bonds took umbrage with the baggy pants. He apparently "ordered" the young man and his companion to pull up their pants.

As rebelling teens will, they took umbrage with having their so-called offensive fashion critiqued and especially took offense at being ordered to do anything by a stranger. In Bonds' words, they needed to "do what he told them to do." Why? Because he was "the adult."

Rigghhhht, like that ever works even with me and my kids, much less kids I can't threaten with Xbox denial. Heh!

Not surprisingly, words were exchanged. One of the young whippersnappers might have rightly or wrongly called Bonds "fat ass." Then they went about their daily business of buying candy. It appears Bonds went home to get his gun.

They intersected again after the candy sale and bullets flew. The teens ran and one ended up with a bullet in his buttocks (it exited his thigh).

Anyone else flabbergasted at this story? I am hoping there's more to it than a simple respect authority or be shot morality play. I mean why not go with saying, "You lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground" if you are so aggrieved with loose pants?



Seriously, not worth firing shots or losing lives over it, right?!

Whatever the case, if you are a lover of baggy pants, you might want to steer clear of Memphis for a while. And Mommies everywhere? You might want to consider hiking your kiddos' britches up, ya hear?


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