I'm Voting Republican Because ... (VIDEO)

I'm Voting RepublicnThe number of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats is dipping lower and lower in the march toward November and the battle of the bureaucrats. According to Rasmussen, the past two months are the closest the Republicans have been to parity in more than five years. So how about jumping on board the trend and voting Republican this year?

A  viral video explains how it's done:


That's all it takes folks: wanting

Oh yeah, and in case you haven't guessed, it's a spoof.

Uploaded to a YouTube account that calls itself Eminem Recovery 911 and links to the rapper's Facebook page, it's actually the brainchild of a guy named Charlie Steak and produced by SyntheticHuman Pictures.

The company has done commercials for Amazon and Heinz, with an even longer list of short films to their credit. SyntheticHuman lists their mission as striving "to deliver highly creative, award-winning content that challenge the audience on both an emotive and intellectual level, pushing boundaries and opening up the human thought process."

In the case of I'm Voting Republican, they pulled comments from actual Democratic Party agendas to create the script -- the plans of the party are essentially what the voters who are going Republican state they're voting against this year.

Like the Democratic agenda that clearly states:

"American families should not have to pay the price for a failed national energy policy. They deserve an energy policy that creates a cleaner and stronger America that reduces our dependence on foreign oil and also creates new jobs for American workers."

Or the one that claims:

"In the wealthiest, most powerful nation on earth, no one should have to choose between taking their child to a doctor and paying the rent."

So, how will you be voting?


Image via I'm Voting Republican

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