Sharron Angle Caught On Tape!

julie marsh
Julie Marsh

Don't worry -- Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle isn't playing the starring role in one of those cheesy homemade "adult" videos. (At least not that we know of.) But what's been released publicly could be far more damaging to her campaign than any X-rated materials.

Las Vegas Sun reporter Jon Alston "obtained" an audio tape of Sharron Angle in "a meeting Wednesday evening with Tea Party of Nevada candidate Scott Ashjian and Tea Party of Nevada Chairman Sid James at the home of Richard Ziser, who lost to Harry Reid in 1994 and now is an adviser to the Angle campaign." I expect Angle is horrified by the public consumption of statements she made and deals she floated in the context of a meeting she believed was private.

Wanna know what she said? Of course you do!


Alston's piece ticks off the most damning quotes, including this gem:

"I believe you [Ashjian] can do some real harm, not to Harry Reid but to me .... I’m not sure you can win and I’m not sure I can win if you’re hurting my chance and that’s the part that scares me."

Basically, she wants Ashjian to drop out because he'll split the conservative vote. Which is hilarious because, as Alston puts it: "I can just hear it now: The woman who calls the majority leader 'Let’s Make a Deal Harry Reid' becomes 'Let’s Make a Deal Sharron Angle.'"

Whoever said the Tea Party wasn't politics as usual?

As entertaining as I find Alston's piece to be, I have a shred of sympathy for Sharron Angle. In spite of the stupidity of her self-important comments and her hypocritical attempts to wheel and deal with Ashjian, she trusted that all of this was done behind closed doors, not on the record. As screwed up as politics can be, it's not reality TV. Yet.

I also have to wonder how Alston obtained the recording. Was one of the attendees wearing a wire? I'm picturing Sharron Angle bear-hugging all future confidants, in the manner of Tony Soprano patting down Big Pussy when he was suspected of being a rat.

Howard Kurtz of the Washington Post thinks most people will feel sorry for her. Besides, what she said about the GOP is true: "They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government."

Meanwhile, Angle's got a fundraising luncheon in Washington on Wednesday. Wonder how many benefactors have suddenly discovered previous engagements and schedule conflicts that will prevent their attendance (along with their donations)?


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