Robert Edwards Wins Nobel Prize: Will Octomom Get a Check?

Robert Edwards Nobel PrizeRobert Edwards winning the Nobel Prize for Medicine this morning isn't just a $1.4 million windfall for the scientist who created in-vitro fertilization. It's an official stamp of approval on the man who gave us Octomom.

And some 4 million other people born from a lab procedure around the world, but who's counting?

Apparently these people:


1. TLC Network: Jon and Kate Plus 8, Raising Sextuplets, Table for 12 ... let us count the dollars, shall we? The network has made millions showing off families of multiples -- some conceived with IVF, others with IUI, a different procedure but one born of research done by Edwards.

2. Nadya Suleman: Octomom has reaped the biological rewards of IVF with all 14 of her kids conceived in a lab and implanted in her belly. That includes the eight all at one time. But she's hurting for money these days, and with no daddy in the picture, will the guy who got her into this predicament be willing to send a check?

3. Louise Brown: The world's first "test tube baby" doesn't just owe her life to the Brit who played around with some sperm and made her for Lesley and John Brown back in 1978. She's a bona fide celeb. And all she had to do was be born!

4. Osama bin Laden: His path to world domination includes grandchildren. Lots of grandchildren. And they won't happen without surrogates, apparently -- and a process born in Edwards' lab.

5. Elizabeth Carr Comeau: America's first test tube baby, she's 29 now and a mama herself. And this year she got her son's birth announcement on every major newspaper in the country without dropping a dime -- although she conceived naturally. That's a coup in and of itself.

6. Rajo Devi Lohan. The world's oldest mother defied all common sense and paid for IVF to become a mama. At 70. Sadly (but unfortunately not surprisingly) she was reported to be dying this summer at 72. But she'll leave behind daughter Naveen when she goes.


Image by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences via Nobel

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