Osama bin Laden New Message: Go Green

osama bin laden messageAs European countries raise their threat levels after reports of a planned Mumbai-style attack on multiple targets -- Osama bin Laden has still not been captured. And so can send messages from his cave (or suburban home -- really, who knows where he is?) about which infidels to kill next.

On the heels of this confession from an Al Qaeda member, another message purportedly from the leader has surfaced. This time, it's about how to save lives -- instead of destroy.

I know, I'm having a hard time believing it too.


The latest video message popped up on Jihadist forums on Friday with video images of Osama bin Laden and supposedly the maniac's voice telling Jihadists to help with flood relief in Pakistan.

Additionally, the mad man is espousing that Muslims help Muslims to build infrastructure and create sources for clean water. Which sounds more like my first job out of college as a solicitor with a clipboard.

I suppose hearing productive directives from your demented leader is important to boosting morale. Osama also wished everyone a happy Ramadan, which ended in September.

A kinder, gentler bin Laden? An eco-bin Laden?

Way to mix your messages, King of Crazy. Now your followers aren't going to know if they should kill and torture or reduce, reuse, recycle.

Do you think this is a real message from Osama bin Laden?


Image via Facebook

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