James O'Keefe Is No Jon Stewart

james o'keefe punk cnnYou might recognize James O'Keefe from such undercover films as "A Pimp Walks Into ACORN" or his perp walk as he was charged with impersonating a telephone company worker. But it's unlikely the young conservative activist will be getting his own show anytime soon.

O'Keefe tried to pull a prank on CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau, but failed before he could even get Boudreau on the boat. Yes, the boat.

You see O'Keefe's big prank involved a boat, a CNN reporter and whole lot of misogyny.


It all begin when CNN reporter Abbie Boudreau was working on a piece about young conservatives, and had plans to interview O'Keefe. O'Keefe asked her to meet with him first and invited her to a house. Things got strange as a shaken up young girl met Boudreau outside before she could even get out of her car.

The girl warned Boudreau away and said O'Keefe had planned on recording their conversation and during the conversation he would try to seduce her on a boat, filled with sex toys. He was going to punk Boudreau, and attempt to make CNN look bad. Because fending off inappropriate sexual advances is bad? Or did the egomaniac actually think he had a shot?

Clearly O'Keefe did not think this whole thing through, or perhaps he just got as far as, "How much fun would it be to sexually humilate some chick?" Assuming O'Keefe is straight, I wonder what his plan was if the CNN reporter was a man.

Perhaps having a Plan B is giving too much credit to James O'Keefe, who is obviously attempting to set himself up as the right's answer to The Daily Show or The Colbert Report. O'Keefe just winds up looking like a pathetic kid.

Needless to say, James O'Keefe is no Jon Stewart.

Come to think of it, he's not even Ashton Kutcher.


Image via Win Macnamee/Getty

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