Vegas Death Ray Promotes Tourism & Other Crappy Vacation Ideas

vegas death ray
Vdara Hotel Pool, Home of the Vegas Death Ray
If you've ever stayed at the Vdara hotel, I hope you walked away with an "I Survived the Vegas Death Ray" t-shirt and no permanent skin damage.

Others have not been so lucky.

The hotel-condo that's located next door to the Bellagio is billed as a place to "get away from it all" and lacks the draw of casinos or shows. But a new type of publicity is drawing attention to the high-end hotel, as guests are freaking out about getting trapped within a 10- to 15-foot ray of intense heat that reflects off the concave building into the pool area. Naturally, a lawyer was one of the first to speak out:

Chicago attorney Bill Pintas felt the power of the dangerous ray first hand last week.

"It felt like I had a chemical burn. I couldn't imagine why my head was burning," he said.

"Within 30 seconds, the back of my legs were burning. My first thought was, 'Jesus, they destroyed the ozone layer!'"


So instead of heading to the shady Venetian or the high-end Wynn, check into the Vdara -- where a ray of heat 20 degrees hotter than the already scorching Las Vegas temps will leave you with a permanent, painful memory of your Vegas vacation.

Why not check out these other hot spots as well?

The Insulting Parisian at the Eiffel Tower

If you're going to do Paris right, make sure you pay extra for the angry man who calls you an Ugly American as you try to board the elevator to the Eiffel Tower. You can take home a souvenir of a stained t-shirt if you pay the extra Euro to have him spit red wine on you.

Free STD at a Times Square Strip Club

Of course the strip clubs are about three blocks west of Times Square these days, but if you head over to West 47th Street during NYC's "Paint the Town Red" campaign, you'll qualify for one of the following free diseases via stripper in your face: genital warts, herpes, or just a really bad yeast infection.

Hollywood Boulevard "High" Tour

Why not live as other Hollywood wannabes who succumbed to the gritty streets of LA? A free 8 ball of coke or a syringe full of black tar will make everything more "real" as you tour the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Build-Your-Own Egyptian Pyramid

The next time you're in Cairo and you want to scoot on over to check out the magnificence of the pyramids, bring your Advil. For only $50 more you can actually participate in the building of a pyramid, in the same conditions as the original construction workers -- slaves, who died at a frequent pace from the backbreaking work in the hot sun. Be sure to put in for extra vacation days though, as it takes about 30 years to complete one pyramid.


Image via Vdara

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