Prostitute Teacher: How Can She NOT Be Fired?

teacher hooker stripperMelissa Petro likes to teach art and talk about her sex exploits as a hooker, stripper, and bi-curious lady! So, yes, she's been fired from her position as an art teacher at PS 70 in the Bronx.

To a point, I really don't care what my child's teacher does after hours, much less what he or she did before they stepped in front of a blackboard. If every teacher's past could be held up as reason for termination, we would suffer a serious teacher shortage, and only have really boring people as role models for our kids. Teachers are people, too, and have things in their past that could be considered "checkered" just like you and me.

With that said, Petro so deserved to be fired.


Even though Petro explains the tricking and stripping took place in her past, it's very relevant to her future. And unlike Danielle Staub, this prostitution whore is not only welcoming the uncovering of her sordid life, she's broadcasting it all over town.

So, how did everyone find out about what is presumably Petro's private business? Well, there are the readings from her developing book in public places, and this essay about being a craigslist prostitute on The Huffington Post. Which is where I stop feeling any kind of outrage for a teacher wrongfully fired due to her colorful past.

It seems that Petro is much more interested in getting a book deal than teaching kids. So, congratulations! You are now free to pursue your literary and spoken word career without those pesky early wake-up calls and trips to the Bronx.

Do you think Melissa Petro deserved to be fired?

Image via lu_lu/Flickr

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