The Tea Party in Beverly Hills

jenny erikson
Jenny Erikson
Think of tea parties, and one of two images is likely to come to mind. The first picture is painted by the lovely ladies of the left -- Rachel Maddow, Nancy Pelosi, and Barney Frank -- and includes racist hicks that are too dumb or illiterate to understand that redistribution of wealth actually works.

The second image, the one actually representative of the tea party movement, is one of patriotic pride and righteous anger at politicians that are too dumb or illiterate to understand that Americans are independent and entrepreneurial, and the last thing we need or want is a nanny-state.

No matter how people view the tea parties, it's probably safe to say that no one ever pictured a star-studded one. Tea parties are supposed to take place in Hickville, not Hollywood. But that's exactly where 400 people gathered last Sunday to announce that they are Taxed Enough Already.


Singer Pat Boone organized the event in Beverly Hills, which was attended by actor Robert Davi, Academy Award-nominated screenwriter Lionel Chetwynd, and former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson, but not Leonardo DiCaprio.  

Chetwynd addressed the flag-waving crowd:

"Take note all you high and powerful on the Potomac -- we've woken up ... We've woken up even in Beverly Hills, and that's extraordinary. We've woken to preserve a revolution that was fought on the idea of equal freedom for all."

It's about time for some rational thought in Tinseltown. It has never ceased to amaze me that the Hollywood set, the very people that rely on capitalism for the fulfillment of their American dreams, tend to run on the liberal side. Remember when Michael Moore made that film about the evils of capitalism, and then charged people to see it? It doesn't get much more hypocritical than that.

They say that Hollywood sets the trends. How else do you explain the popularity of grills? But this time it's Hollywood that is joining the trend -- the tea party trend. The trend of Americans that are plain old sick and tired of being over-taxed and bossed around by a government more concerned with saving trees than people.

A revolution is brewing. Who knows? Maybe someday soon it will even be cool to admire Sarah Palin in public. Stranger things have happened, you know. After all, there was a tea party in Beverly Hills last weekend.


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