Gays: Ann Coulter Is Not Your Friend, So Stop Giving Her Your Lunch Money

ann coulter gay speakerSince when is Ann Coulter a gay icon?

Coulter -- who can usually be caught saying something disgusting about anyone who isn't her -- was the headliner at this weekend's Homocon, brought to you by the conservative gay Republican group, GOProud.

Which makes me wonder if anyone in Washington is paying attention to whom they invite to the party, or the floor of the House, anymore.

Of course I didn't realize there was an organization called GOProud until Coulter entertained the gang with such doozies as,

"Not only can gays be conservative, you pretty much have to be," because they are the "highest income demographic," because "gays are too stylish to work for the federal government," because radical Muslims want to execute them, and because "once [scientists] find the gay gene, guess who's getting aborted?" 

So her work here is done.

But I have to wonder if the members of GOProud don't feel like they've just been given a swirly in the locker room.


Presumably gays in the Republican party would organize to advance an agenda that is specific to the needs of homosexual men and women. Yet asking a woman to represent them on the global stage, who has repeatedly made degrading remarks about your sexuality, is just masochistic.

GOProud, do you really need to ingratiate yourselves so badly to a talking head? It's like that girl in high school who wants to be cool so she keeps showing the football team her boobs. Welcoming humiliation does nothing to advance your cause, dudes.

GOProud executive director, Jimmy LiSalvia, explains why it's okay to have a keynote speaker that defended Rick Santorum's comparison of homosexuality and bestiality as "indisputably true."

"You can be against gay marriage and not be anti-gay. Ann doesn't agree with us on some issues, but she doesn't hate gay people." 

Okay, but let's say next time you throw a convention for the GOP homosexual population, you aim a little higher than "doesn't hate gay people." You won't wake up the next morning feeling so dirty.


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