Bad Football Coach and Others Who Get Cheeky

MoonA high school football game in New York this weekend got more than a little bit ugly when an assistant coach became worked up about a ref's call.

His tantrum wasn't limited to some yelling or even shoving; instead this guy dropped trou and MOONED the opposing team.

"His fellow coaches were holding him back and he turned around and pulled down his shorts," a witness told the New York Daily News. "All I saw was his big [rear end]."


While it's the last thing I can imagine thinking of doing, apparently it enters the minds of others more frequently.

Here are a few other famous mooners:


Kid Rock tried to moon a fellow Waffle House patron in a 2007 brawl, but failed when his belt buckle got in the way. "I couldn't do what I wanted to do and give him the full moon ... because he was a smart ass," he said.

Foxy Brown was indicted in August for mooning her neighbor. The rapper violated a protection order when she got in a yelling match with her, bent over, and showed her that place where the sun don't shine.

Randy Moss, when he played for the Minnesota Vikings, famously mooned the crowd after scoring a touchdown. Thankfully, he just simulated the act, but the thought was still there. He was fined $10,000 by the NFL.

Sometimes mooning is just in "good" fun as in the case of Gerard Butler on the set of Gamer. (Warning before you click: it's the FULL moon!)

Ozzy Osbourne got a standing ovation when he mooned the crowd in 2005 at the U.K. Music Hall of Fame Awards show.

Have you ever mooned anyone?

Image via jurvetson/Flickr

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