Memo to Ines Sainz: There Is a New Hot Journalist in Town

Move over Ines Sainz, there's a new reporter vying for the boys' attention: Journalist Barbie!

She's wearing a black bustier -- because as we all know that is what good journalists wear. But don't worry! It's covered by a pink jacket and long pink skirt and black platform pumps with pink ribbons.

Totally professional, boys (wink, wink).

It looks almost exactly like the outfits I wore on interviews while I was getting my graduate degree.

If she's lucky, Barbie® I Can Be...™ News Anchor Doll will be getting a lot of attention in the locker room, too, just like Sainz!

Also, for kicks, she comes equipped with a microphone, notebook, and television camera, but she won't have to lift a finger once the boys see her .... And lawyer Ken can help her overcome any pesky harassment issues!


Let's not focus on her assets, though. After all, Barbie has been quite the career gal between stints as a cowgirl, astronaut, nurse, doctor, and Presidential candidate. I feel totally comfortable letting my kids play with her, knowing she will uphold the standards for journalism grads everywhere.

She even comes with a tagline: "A flair for journalism -- and power pink!"

In all seriousness, what was Mattel thinking with this? Sainz is already getting heavily blamed for her own sexual harassment. The timing just couldn't be worse.

And while I have no doubt that Hooker Barbie, er, excuse me, Journalist Barbie was in the works for some time, is now really the best time to announce her December release? They couldn't have waited until the Sainz issue blew over?

The fact is men have no excuse for sexually harassing anyone, even if she's completely nude and shaking it on the dance floor. Yes, even strip clubs have no-touch policies and reserve the right to kick you out if you get too nasty with your words.

Take that, people who want to blame Sainz for her harassment!

That said, it doesn't do much for the credibility of journalists (and journalism) to have Barbie strutting around in a bustier.

To my knowledge, Katie Couric has never worn such a thing. Time and place, Barbie, time and place.

What do you think of Mattel's new doll?

Image via Mattel

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