GOP Pledge to America: Screw the Poor

pledge to america john boehnerIn a political move designed to rally voters around Republican candidates, the House Republicans introduced their "Pledge to America" this morning; promising to reign in spending, yet keep those tax cuts for the rich. Which begs the question: You're trying to win an election, right?

Alienating the middle class, who rely on social security as retirement income, and cutting social programs such as Medicare while padding the pockets of the wealthy seems like it would incense anyone not making major cash. Making a pledge to continue to give away money to the wealthiest of Americans while the poor go without health care or enough money for food sounds like a threat, not a pledge.

While Boehner & Co. dress this up as supporting entrepreneurs and creating jobs, we all know trickle-down economics have been proven ineffective, repeatedly. This is basically a call for letting the rich get richer as the poor get poorer with a patriotic name.

Contract With America, anyone?


I'm so glad the Republican leadership took the time out to create a vague statement dressed up as a movement. It's a stellar use of the GOP's time when entitlement programs are getting cut so the poorest of our families are literally not able to feed their babies. Have you heard about the midnight "bread lines" at Wal-Mart where people wait for their EBT cards to be activated so they can buy baby formula? These are the programs getting cut so Boehner and his rich buddies can take that extra vacation this year.

Just in case you aren't feeling attacked just yet, don't forget the anti-gay message tagged on to the end of the document:

Republican leaders settled on a line that states: "We pledge to honor families, traditional marriage, life, and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values."

How does this pledge make you feel?


Image via Progress Ohio/Flickr

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