Michelle Obama Said White House Life Was 'Hell': Big Whoop

Michelle Obama may or may not have referred to life in the White House as "hell" to French first lady (and former model) Carla Bruni.

The White House and French President's PR people are scrambling to deny it, but I have to ask: who cares?

An unauthorized biography of Bruni, French President Nicolas Sarkozy's wife, is making waves in the U.S. because it claims First Lady Michelle Obama once referred to life in the White House as hell.

According to Carla and the Ambitious, written by French journalists Michael Darmon and Yves Derai, Michelle Obama said about life in the White House:

"Don't ask," Obama said, according to the book. "It's hell. I can't stand it."

Is that supposed to be shocking?


Katie McCormick Lelyveld, the first lady's press secretary, told POLITICO:

"The First Lady never said that."

But I say: BFD (big @!#!@ deal) if she did. Maybe life in the White House is hell. Does it really matter? Here are five reasons I really don't care what she said:

  1. It's the economy, stupid: We have much bigger fish to fry. Why are we wasting our time caring whether the First Lady is having a grand old time in White House? Is she doing her job? Yes. Then let's move on.
  2. We can't handle the truth: We need to collectively get over ourselves in the US. We take everything so seriously. The First Lady is allowed to vent just like the rest of us. The other day I was talking to a doctor in my family who pointed out the way he has seen our tolerance for honesty decline over the years. There is something to that. We need to stop expecting everything to be so PC all the time and start getting real.
  3. Maybe we need to hear it: I, for one, am interested in the real story, not some public relations fluff we are fed on White House Christmas cards.
  4. It was supposed to be in private: If we can't have private conversations, what is the point of having friends or being real?
  5. Ever heard of exaggeration?: Maybe she did say it. Maybe it was in jest. We all say things on the fly that don't accurately represent our deepest truths and emotions. We're allowed to do it, but she isn't?

The White House PR machine would do better to just admit it. Maybe she said it, maybe she didn't. But either way, honesty is much more respectable than some hasty PR clean-up that seems shady and unrealistic.

Do you care if she said it?


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