Is Christine O'Donnell Really Mel Gibson in Disguise?

Christine O'Donnell for Senate Mel Gibson

Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell has been cancelling appearances, and the world's blaming it on some old witchcraft mumbo jumbo that showed up on Bill Maher. But we have a better (OK, more fun) theory.

The new Tea Party hero from Delaware is really Mel Gibson in disguise. Or maybe just the female version of the world's most c-word happy anti-Semite?

Allow us to lay out the evidence:


1. They Were Both Heavily Invested in The Passion of the Christ. Mel was the director, while O'Donnell's bio includes her work as a "marketing and media consultant" on the film quite high under her list of accomplishments.

2. Mel Loves Disguises. He was last seen by TMZ pretending to be Wilford Brimley with a taped on gray mustache, blue hat, and old man glasses.

3. They Both Say They're Against Adultery and Abortion. Or Mel did, anyway, back in the pre-left his wife of 29 years for another woman stage. Mel's entire schtick back when he was still married to Robyn was a traditional Catholic viewpoint -- no infidelity, abortion, or birth control. Which jives with O'Donnell's open disproving comments on adultery, abortion, birth control, and masturbation -- all Catholic viewpoints.

4. They Both Piss Off Jewish People. Mel had his infamous rant back in 2006 accusing the Jews of starting every war on the planet. O'Donnell criticized those who lied to the Nazis to protect Jews during the Holocaust, telling Bill Maher that there's never a reason for deception as God will provide a way out.

5. They've Still Got Gays on Their Side. Lesbian actress Jodie Foster has said that she won't back away from Mel in his time of need. She's still pushing forward The Beaver, the movie she directed and co-starred in with Gibson. O'Donnell, meanwhile, has a gay sister, Jennie O'Donnell, who says her famous sis isn't a homophobe despite having once run The SALT, an organization that condemned homosexuality.

What do you think -- are O'Donnell and Gibson the same person?

Image via Facebook; Made in Hollywood/Flickr

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