Dude You Have No Quran: The Autotune Remix

die you have no quran tshirt
Dude You Have No Quran T-Shirt
By now you've probably heard of Jacob Isom, the 23-year-old skateboarder from Amarillo, Texas, who stopped a planned Quran burning by swiping the holy book from the hands of the extremist who planned to do the dirty deed.

There was no quran burning in Amarillo, Texas, that day, and Isom has since become something of a folk hero -- and capitalist (he's selling Dude You Have No Quran T-shirts for 15 bucks a pop).

And now Islom's story has been set to music. With no further ado, I give to you Dude You Have No Quran, the Autotune Remix:



So awesome.

What news story would you like to see set to an Autotune Remix?


Image via Mutambo

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