Gang-Rape Photos on Facebook Should Land You in Jail

facebook gang rape

In one of the most horrifying things to come out of Facebook today, video and photos of a 16-year-old girl being gang-raped have gone viral.

Last weekend at a rave in rural British Columbia, a young girl was drugged then sexually assaulted while onlookers snapped photos and took video. As if that wasn't disgusting enough, a 16-year-old boy, who was arrested and released, shared the images on Facebook and hundreds more have followed suit.

While the original poster is facing possible charges of producing and distributing child pornography, I think every other person who shared this on Facebook should be prosecuted as well. Yes, even (maybe especially) the minors.


No arrests have been made for the vicious attack yet, and this young girl continues to be victimized on the world's most popular social network. While the Canadian police have been contacting people who have posted the images and demanding they be removed, some people are refusing to do so. In fact, some sick and disgusting people are even going so far to say the girl, who was drugged, was asking for it.

Another Facebook page has popped as well called Support for the 16yr old victim in Pitt Meadows, feasibly to counteract the distribution of the photos and video. It makes me sick that it even has to exist.

Rape is not okay. Rape is not entertainment. It's a violent crime and those who commit it or support it should be locked away from the rest of society.

Unfortunately, the Canadian police have their hands full simply with the assault, and the likelihood of punishing everyone who shared these sick images is slim.

“This [the photographs] is just one portion of a larger investigation. Obviously the sex assault aspect is our primary focus.”

[Inspector Derren Lench] said police can ask Facebook to help them ensure the photos are removed, but he said anyone who doesn't heed the RCMP's warnings could face charges.

“Our power is to say, ‘By the way, if we find that you have that on your computer and have distributed it, then you may be facing charges,’” he said.

Anyone who continues to victimize this young woman should spend time in jail. Period.

Do you think the people who share these images on Facebook should be prosecuted?


Image via whatleydude/Flickr

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