I Hope the Facebook Phone Takes Steve Jobs Down

If the Facebook phone is actually in production as the rumors seem to suggest, it could possibly lend just the right amount of competition to Steve Jobs, who in recent weeks has been behaving a bit like a prima donna.

The Facebook phone may not be just like an iPhone. Rumor has it that the phone might use Facebook friends as a ready-made contact list and use those same friends to execute the core functions of the phone.

To be clear, these are just rumors, but it would be nice to give Jobs a little healthy competition. After all, despite being a Mac girl through and through, I do have some complaints with them. They include:

  • Apple cords break: In the scheme of things, this isn't a big deal given how much my Mac computer rocks, but it does mean that every year or so, I have to trek to the Mac store and get two or three new cords for my iPod Shuffle, MacBook Pro, and iPhone. How about a better product and free replacements for three years? That would be actual service.
  • Jobs is snotty: Last week, Jobs made headlines when he refused to help a young journalism student who had tried to reach Apple's public relations department several times. Finally, in desperation, she reached out to Jobs himself: "Leave us alone" was his reply. Nice.
  • AT&T is crappy: I have poor reception I pay out the nose for and I'm not happy about it. The iPhone is very convenient, but I wish I could vary the plan I use.
  • Lost Macs: Macs are incredible. Until they crash. And when they crash, they are done. I have never been able to salvage anything off my Macs and have lost probably three of them over the years.
  • Mac has poor customer support: See Jobs' response to the college student above, but beyond that, I've never had a great experience using over the phone tech support and since I work at home, it's crucial that they improve that.

A little competition goes a long way, and I really hope this Facebook smartphone could provide some incentive for Apple to become a bit more customer service-oriented.

What do you think of Mac service?


Image via Facebook.com


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