Constitution Day: Reminding Us What Pathetic Americans We Are

american flag flying on poleHarken back nine years from now, to the days immediately after terrorist crazies bombed two of America's most symbolic representations of our life, culture, and freedom. All you saw everywhere was flags.

Everyone displayed their American flag. If you didn't have a flag, you rushed to the hardware store to buy one. You bought the biggest flag you could find, and you didn't even mind that the store owners had jacked the prices four-fold. That's the American way.

Flash to the present. Where have all the flags gone?

It's so sad that it takes a tragic, bloody, world-changing special event to remind us of who we are and all we have and value. I'm guilty. I'm raising my hand. I didn't even know that today was Constitution Day. Unless you are a fourth grader scribbling on your desk in social studies class right now, I'll bet you didn't know either.

It goes to show that Americans are by and large the biggest bunch of ingrates on the face of the earth.


It's not like Constitution Day is a new thing, either. It's been around since 1940 ... only to be renamed in 2007 as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day, to highlight not only the fact that we are damn lucky to be members of this great nation, but to also give a nod to the document that outlines the structure of our country's judicial system and helps us all operate as citizens.

Everyone considers the Fourth of July our nation's birthday -- including me -- and in a way it is, but Constitution Day, the day that our founding fathers actually signed their names and put this amazing document to work, is the real DOB of everything that is special and spectacular about us.

How great that we have a day to commemorate it, and how sad that we have a day to commemorate it. We take it so for granted that we have to be constantly reminded about it. Because we obviously can't be trusted to remember on our own. Under the law, any school that operates on government bucks is required to teach our greatest moment in history to our kids. With everything we and our country have been through, especially recently, you'd think that would already be woven into the fabric of daily lives.

I asked my husband, a 6th grade social studies teacher whatdoyaknow, if he was aware that it was Constitution Day. Yup. And his eloquently put answer as to why we need a special day for it?

"Because no one knows jack s**t about the Constitution."

And there you have it.

Did you know today was Constitution Day?

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