Talk Like a Pirate Day: How to Order a Latte, Win a Maiden's Hand & More!

talk like a pirate dayAhoy mateys, it's time to get ye pirate on for International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Sunday is the joyous occasion, and ye will want to be prepared for gales o' wind and hearin' lots o' pirate lore.

So change ye Facebook language setting to 'Pirate' and drop yer anchors here. We'll show ye how to impress ye party guests, co-workers, and lo'ed ones with your pirate-speak. Arrr!

Here 'tis ye guide to livin' the pirate life:


Order a grande latte with skim milk:

Bring me a cup er joe, lass! Make it big an' skinny. I's watching my pirate figure.

Talk in a meeting:

Aye, i''e got a great idea t' maximize our profits. Gar.

Tell someone you want something to eat:

Arrr, i'm hungry! A pence for an old man o'de sea?

Discuss politics:

Aye, what do you think about the Tea Party, Cap'n?

Ask someone on a date:

Arrr, would you like t' go t' dinner? Gar.

Find the closest bathroom:

Aye, whar is the bathroom Aye?

Say good night:

Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!

Translate ye words to pirate, and have a rollicking good Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Will you be celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day?


Image via Disney

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