Glenn Beck Compares Blacks to Fetuses

glenn beck slavery abortionGlenn Beck is obsessed with slavery. He's called illegal immigration modern day slavery. He's called debt a path to slavery. He's compared the economic stimulus package, the census, and the recovery bill to you guessed it ... slavery.

And today, on The Glenn Beck Program, he came out with another doozy. Beck equated abortion with slavery.


Beck said,

"Just like people didn't think slavery was evil. Oh no, it's not really ... they're not really people. Oh. So we're using the same argument with the unborn that they're not really people. Well, I'll be happy to have that debate .... Before people wake up to yes, African Americans were people and an unborn baby is people."

Listen for yourself.


Seriously. You just heard Glenn Beck compare black slaves to fetuses.

His incredibly offensive analogy aside, isn't forcing a woman who doesn't want a child to have one a little more like slavery? 

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