Quit Hating on Obama! 10 Reasons He Kicks Presidential Booty

President Barack Obama gets a lot of flak for all that he hasn't done over his nearly two years as president.

We seem to have such short-term memories as a country. Do we really not remember the mess former President George W. Bush left for the new guy?

We're also forgetting the many (many!) things Obama has done even beyond reforming healthcare, federally supporting important scientific research, generally improving our relations with the rest of the world, and being a much (much!) better person and president before him. He has also weighed in on important events in our pop culture and has generally been a much more accessible commander-in-chief than any before him.

Since I'm as guilty of this as anyone, I thought I would make it up to the prez with a little list.

10 Totally Awesome Things President Obama Has Done in His Two Years in Office:

  1. Drank a Bud Light to fight racism:  After Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. accused the Cambridge, Massachusetts, police department of racism, Obama arranged the first "beer summit" with the two men at the center of the story in order to send the message that this country will not stand for racism.
  2. Redid the Oval Office: Earlier this month, Obama got new carpets, drapes, and paintings for the Oval Office. He took some flak, but give him a break. Who can work in an ugly space?
  3. Feigned interest in mundane things: New York Magazine did a hilarious slideshow of Obama making his way through some pretty boring events and trying to look interested.
  4. Wished Rush Limbaugh was dead: Although it's hard to imagine what person actually likes Rush Limbaugh, wanting him dead? Well, that may be extreme. Wanda Sykes made a joke and everyone pounced on the president for laughing. The guy can't win!
  5. Called Kanye West a "jackass": Weighing in on the uber-important Kanye West versus Taylor Swift drama, our president said: "[Kanye is] a jackass." Couldn't agree more, Mr. President.
  6. Had a Facebook war with Lady Gaga: The two were in a race this summer to get past 10 million Facebook fans. Unfortunately for the prez, Lady Gaga won handily.
  7. Weighed in on Tiger Woods: He may be a cad, but he's still a great golfer, President Obama told us. Good to know.
  8. Filled out his NCAA bracket: Obama picked Kansas to win this year, which was controversial. I suppose I might understand this more if I actually cared about the NCAA tournament.
  9. Kept children home from school: Obama's planned back to school speech last year sent the Republicans scurrying around, decrying the "brainwashing" he was allegedly guilty of. Since, you know, fancy book learnin' is really just the way the devil gets through to your kids. Parents kept their children home and all the little children learned to love their president even more.
  10. Made crappy shoes fashionable: Obama proved once and for all that he was one of us when he wore shoes with holes in the soles. No $150,000 wardrobes for this president!

Are you happy with the president's work?


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